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Meet Paul!

Paul, Business developement

When it comes to career experience, Paul’s been around the block a few times, with stints mostly connected to the wonderful world of sales. Prudential, eBay, Gumtree, Groupon and many more – they all had the chance to get to know Paul’s profound skills when it comes to business development. Fun facts: not only was he the first salesperson Groupon employed, but he also appeared on Kiev’s TV station in front of 2 million people! In any case, Paul still enjoys the most when he speaks to our potential customers and closes deals – we get how the buzz of making money for Klevio can be addictive. Besides, Paul is fitting in with the rest of the London team just perfectly – he is addicted to football like the majority of Kleviators.

We asked him: What door would you open if you could open any door in the world?

He replied: The door that cures Cancer.

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