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Meet Damjan!

Damjan, Senior frontend developer

Get ready for a bumpy ride ‘cause when it comes to Damjan he is just full of surprises! Who would’ve thought that the man behind the Klevio app & dashboard (well, and a bunch of other internal tools Kleviators just can’t live without) is also a softball player and coach, singer in a punk band and drummer in a rock band? Told ya, quite impressive. And as if solving mysterious bugs in our app isn’t exciting enough, Damjan also likes to spice up his life by taking skateboarding classes where he tries to master the art of skateboarding. 

Well, we don’t know about skateboarding but one thing is certain – he masters this frontend thing pretty well and that is no surprise since he is programming from 1992! That is a long time! Almost as long as his beard. 

We asked him, which door would he choose if he could open any door in the world. 

He says: Nothing comes to mind. But I would definitely lock some.

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