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Meet Celik!

Celik, Head of finance

If sometimes the endless code our developers produce seems like science fiction then wait until you hear what Celik does day-to-day. He loves analysing, providing insights and enjoys getting lost in all of the bookkeeping, reconciliation, payment scheduling, aged receivables reports, cash forecasting and financial modelling he does for Klevio. To get all the numbers straight really is a work of art and Celik can handle it thanks to all of his achievements and experiences – he graduated with distinction and he worked in financial services as well as in sales (all to achieve a greater understanding of businesses). Now he offers financial consulting services to start-ups and we’re extremely lucky to be one of the companies Celik works with. 

He spends his free time mostly outdoors – he says he could never be a couch potato. He tried. He failed. 

We asked him: What door would you open if you could open any door in the world?

He replied: I would open my apartment door so I could go outside.

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