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Meet Luca!

Luca, Growth marketer

An MS degree in Information Systems and entrepreneurial spirit in his blood has helped equip Luca with the perfect attitude for the challenging world of growth-hacking work he does at Klevio. Day-to-day his role at Klevio revolves around finding the right hacks that balance the hardware and software aspects of our product – and you’ll never see him move faster than when a new way of finding customers arises.

When he’s not at work, Luca’s hobbies include online chess playing and crossfit training – the latter came quite handy when we recently moved offices in London and Luca achieved the title of ‘The guy who lifts heavy boxes on his first week at Klevio’. 

We asked him, which door would he choose, if he could open any door in the world.

He says: Platform 9 ¾.

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