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Meet Arrthik!

Arrthik, Sales development representative

With a background working for several tech companies with SaaS platforms and cybersecurity companies, Arrthik’s no stranger to techie idiosyncrasies – which is certainly a useful attribute at Klevio. Day to day, his focus is on prospecting, generating leads, closing for the initial meeting of if we put it differently – charming people into realizing Klevio holds keys to all of their answers (pun intended!). We don’t quite know how this is possible, but outside the office, Arrthik manages to combine his love for football (which can get quite tense and hot-blooded) with his always calm and collected personality. Nevertheless, it is not breaking news for us that he actually possesses superpowers – in the past, he lost 14 kg in a month and a half! 

We asked him, which door would he choose, if he could open any door in the world. He says: President’s House, Colombo.

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