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Meet Victor!

Victor, Implementation manager

Victor’s role at Klevio as an implementation manager is without a doubt quite challenging. He is at the first battle line when it comes to offering support for our customers, he is also an account manager for our partners and he just loves when a customer call turns into a sales call or an operational jungle search in Jira. Thank goodness his previous experiences led him to develop a love for dealing with customers at start-ups, otherwise, we would’ve been drowning. Oh, wait, even that is not an option when it comes to Victor – he learned how to swim in two weeks and became a lifeguard in the third week. All good! If you’ll ever stumble across our London office – Victor is the one playing cowboy songs. Howdy!

We asked him, which door would he choose if he could open any door in the world. 

He cannot really decide between his fridge and Bilbo Baggins’s door.

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