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Klevio: Improving lives in big ways and small

It’s always nice to receive feedback from people telling us how much they’re enjoying the benefits of Klevio. But nothing could compare with the satisfaction that came our way this week, when a Klevio installation had a swift and dramatic impact on someone’s quality of life.  

There are moments when a tech startup can feel really proud.

We were recently introduced to Deb, a mother of two young children whose medical condition means she’s dependent on her mobility scooter to leave the house. Adding to her misfortune, her home wasn’t designed with accessibility in mind, making the task of getting out the house a constant hassle.    

In order to exit her front door, she has to rely on her husband’s help to set up a ramp – something she’s unable to do for herself. A permanent ramp from her back door means her garden gate is her primary exit, but it has deadbolts on the bottom and top that she can’t reach herself from her scooter.   

When we heard about her predicament, Mark came up with a plan to use Klevio to help give Deb more independence and freedom. We ordered a series of parts, including motorized units and sensors, and sent Mark to Deb’s house for an elaborate installation that took a full day.

Fuelled by a turkey and avocado bagel rustled up by Deb, Mark put in a new gate fitted with a motor, safety sensors and – of course – Klevio!

The end result was worth all his hard work. Now Deb’s side gate is fully controlled by Klevio, meaning she can not only unlock but also open it using just her phone. Now she’s able to leave the house any time she wants, whether there’s someone around to help her or not.  

Aaaaaaand ta-dah! Here’s Deb using Klevio to open her gate for the first time!

This was one of the proudest moments for us at Klevio – all the best Deb, and thanks to Mark for making it happen!

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