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Klevio newsletter time? We hope you’re sitting comfortably…

The team at Klevio certainly have been, after two weeks ensconced in our new offices, availing ourselves of the extra space by extending our limbs that bit further, just because we can. No risk of elbows clashing in this place!

That’s not to say we’ve diverted all of our attention onto enthralling tasks like working out how to refill the water cooler. We’ve also been putting the finishing touches to our brand spanking new short-term lets page, which is now live on the ‘Business’ section of our website.

The decision to create this page came as we started to gain more and more interest from Airbnb hosts and management companies, for whom the traditional way of managing keys has become ever more burdensome.

So if you own or operate short-term lets and would like to know more about how Klevio can remove all the hassles of managing access to your properties, such as endless meet-and-greets, giving out and reclaiming keys from guests and contractors, and retrieving lost keys, then be sure to check out our new page!

Pressing matters

We’ve continued to receive a pleasing amount of media attention recently and were excited for our CEO, Aleš Špetič, to be interviewed by Thrive, an online journal focussing on early-stage businesses in London. During the interview, Aleš covered a wide scope of topics, from his ambitions for Klevio, to the challenges faced by start-ups, to the wider technology landscape. Read the interview here.

Short and smart

Short Stay Show
There are a couple of property events coming up that we’re excited to be a part of. First up will be the inaugural Short Stay Show which takes place at ExceL London today. We’re on-site all day showcasing our live demo door and we’d love to see you there. And if you want to know more about the show, we’ve previewed it in a blog post here.

Smart Home Expo
Then, later in March, we’ll be at the Smart Home Expo at NEC Birmingham for another chance to demonstrate our product in front of a large audience of tech-savvy consumers and industry experts. Once again, if you’re planning to attend, don’t be a stranger…

That’s it! If you have any questions about any of the above, do get in touch through the usual channels.

Until next time…

The Klevio Team

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