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5 simple ways to make your home safer

Tips from Urban Jungle

It’s easy to worry about how safe your home is, especially when you’re living in a big city. There’s a lot that you can do to make your place as safe as possible, ranging from small everyday changes in your behaviour, investments for kit that will do the hard work for you and make you feel more secure, to making sure that you’re covered if the worst happens.

Urban Jungle provides contents insurance designed to fit in with modern life.

1. Use chains when you’re in

If everyone’s in the house, then it doesn’t hurt to use chains or bolts. Again, a great habit for the evenings – and is great for your own peace of mind when you go to bed! If you don’t have one already then they’re very easy to install, and can be bought from your local DIY shop.

2. Get organised with your housemates

If you’re living with a significant other or housemates, the chances of risky mistakes being made is much higher. Simple solutions like having a joint calendar can avoid any mistakes being made – if you know everyone else is out, you probably won’t leave the bathroom window ajar or the front door unlocked. 

3. Get a burglar alarm

A burglar alarm can make a huge difference – both in terms of putting any would-be thieves off your place, and for making you feel comfortable if you’re going away for a while. Burglar alarms can easily cost upwards of £100, so be prepared to spend a little extra!

4. Buy some smart home security

Having a smart lock, a camera, or a smart home security kit can be great and are becoming much more affordable nowadays. Features range from open-window sensors to cameras which show you who’s at the door, to Klevio’s handy smart intercom which lets you unlock your door remotely from your phone. This might be a slightly bigger purchase than you were expecting, but it’s a great investment.

5. Get contents insurance

Sometimes there’s nothing you could have done to prevent a break-in. What you can do, however, is protect your stuff with contents insurance. Our contents insurance starts at £5 a month, and you can change or cancel it whenever you want. It’s a small price to pay for covering the losses of a burglary! You can check us out here.

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