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Klevio’s Operational Savings Cost Calculator

When it comes to running a business, the devil is in the detail, and often the tendency is to overlook the small costs involved in a business’s day-to-day operations.

This could be because we consider many of these costs unavoidable, such as time spent travelling to collect keys. Or when it comes to things like paying for locksmith call-outs and lock changes, we may not even notice them due to them being exceptions rather than the rule.

But when added up, these costs can often be the difference between a business making a profit and a loss. And that’s why it’s so important to optimise the seemingly “small” things, such as key management.

At Klevio, we work with a number of short-let hosts and all of them are faced with similar challenges around access management. To help hosts estimate their operational costs, we’ve created a useful chart/table calculator for them to fill in.

Try it yourself – complete the required fields in the spreadsheet and see how much you could save using Klevio.

You can download the spreadsheet and open it in Excel on your computer, or import it in your Google Drive in your browser, and open it there as a Google Spreadsheet.

As you can see, there are costs that can severely impact your business’s net profit, but they are also costs that can be easily eliminated. Furthermore, not only will you be optimising costs, but you’ll also be enhancing the guest experience.

Want to learn more about how much you could save your business with Klevio? Write us at

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