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Klevio COO Mark Curling on How Klevio is unlocking value through the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted almost all facets of our lives. It’s especially interesting to follow how startup businesses have been reacting to the new normal. At, our COO Mark Curling discusses his background, how Klevio came to be, and dives into the details of how the current situation has affected both the company and his everyday. Read the full article at >

Learn more about our COO Mark Curling

Mark studied as a physicist and started out as a management consultant. From there, he then worked his way through various startups until he landed a job at onefinestay, where the seeds of Klevio were planted – and the rest is history!

Klevio COO Mark Curling
Klevio COO Mark Curling

How does Klevio innovate?

The heart of Klevio’s innovation lies with the Klevio team – a collection of improvisers and doers, who are rarely short of ideas, but also measured in their approach, as they always keep in mind that Klevio is a security provider at heart. The company has developed a culture of listening to product ideas from all teams – which, admittedly, has been a bit harder during the pandemic, as watercooler anecdotes are missing their opportunities to get aired or overheard.

How did the pandemic effect Klevio?

Even though some of the industries Klevio serves have been deeply effected by the pandemic, the company was lucky to have users who value the service highly and have been resilient (you can check out who some of Klevio’s valued customers are on our business page).

Steering a small business through a pandemic has been taxing, but ultimately rewarding now that there is some light at the end of the tunnel. And, as Mark himself remarks, optimism is returning to the industry day by day: “… I’d like to think that we will emerge into a world where smart, hygienic, contact-free access is much more normalized. I hope that we can play a big part in this transformation.”

Learn more about the Klevio remote digital access system at Our team will be happy to help you with any and all queries you may have about Klevio, digital access and how it can benefit your property or your business – simply drop us a line at

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