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Klevio talks the rise of digital keys post-COVID-19 with Property Tribes

In these post-COVID-19 times, we are extremely happy whenever we get the chance to speak and discuss the new reality we’re facing with others from the industry. Vanessa Warwick from Property Tribes is one of our partners that has a great perspective of the property management community. Besides that, at Property Tribes they share the passion of the so-called digital-first approach with us. That is why our CEO, Aleš Špetič, really enjoyed talking with Vanessa on the topic of how property managers and landlords are facing new challenges and how Klevio can provide a solution for them

One of the main topics they’ve discussed was that landlords and property managers were previously quite resistant to change. In this respect, the COVID-19 pandemic has altered the perception of new technologies and has forced the property sector to think about what they can change to continue operating their businesses with minimum impact.

The ability to let anybody enter a property remotely is one of the main benefits of Klevio. As they mentioned, if you wanted to use the lockdown period to refurbish a property or to complete other work, the ability to provide keyless access for cleaners or contractors really is a game changer

Aleš also spoke about how we as a business were experiencing the past few weeks and what measures we have been taking to stay safe and healthy. More importantly, he pointed out that recently we’ve been getting a lot of interest in our product and that actually, business activity increased significantly for various reasons. Digitising your property, office or any other business (or just your home) is becoming more and more important. We see now that for the past 3 to 4 years, we’ve been developing answers for today’s challenges.

Be sure to watch the whole interview below to be up-to-date with everything Aleš and Vanessa discussed. 

If you think we offer the solution for the challenges you’re facing as a property manager or landlord in the so-called post-COVID-19 times, you’re more than welcome to take a look at our Klevio for Business website, where you can get more information on what we can offer you or simply drop us a line at

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