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Five times an office manager might give thanks to Klevio

With its ability to provide full access control and management, we think Klevio is the perfect answer for offices seeking a smart access solution for their premises. And the one person likely to benefit the most from a Klevio-enabled office is the office manager. Here’s why.

The job of office manager can be a thankless one. All too often, many of the laborious but essential tasks that fall under your remit are taken for granted by colleagues prone to reacting to your efforts with the indifference of a teenager finding their clothes have been tidied and bed made every day.

One specific aspect of managing an office that tends to go unappreciated is dealing with the perpetual turnover of keys and fobs for staff and contractors. At Klevio, we’ve done our bit to ease this burden by creating a smart intercom and app that removes all the hassles of key management.

So, if you’re an office manager and like the idea of waving goodbye to lost keys and forgotten fobs forever, here are 5 times that you might find yourself looking to the skies and giving thanks to Klevio.

Your company has a hiring surge

There’s no getting away from it, giving out keys and fobs to new staff can be a real pain. And never more so than when your company decides to hire a bunch of people at the same time, requiring you to get a load of new keys and fobs made up in one go. Step forward Klevio, which lets you send out digital keys to new staff directly from your phone or personalised web dashboard, without even leaving the comfort of your chair.  

A staff member leaves amid security concerns

It’s a sensitive subject, but most of us have experienced a member of staff leaving their job in controversial circumstances. This normally precipitates a rush to change passwords and avoid any risk of them sabotaging your online systems, but equally necessary is getting their office key or fob back as soon as you can – certainly before they have a chance to get a copy cut. With Klevio, you don’t have to worry about this, as you can revoke their digital keys in an instant without even having to mention it to them.

A delivery arrives out of hours

When you’re an office manager, it’s always a juggling act trying to schedule deliveries to come during office hours. One of the beauties of having Klevio is that you don’t need to be in the office to let people in, so if a delivery driver’s running late, there’s no need to wait around twiddling your thumbs. Just leave a note for them to call when they arrive, and you can let them in from your phone. 

You have to check who’s entered and when

Sometimes an office manager is required to be a bit nosier than perhaps they’d prefer. One such occasion could be if something suspicious happens after working hours, such as a piece of equipment going missing or something being broken. With a quick glance at the time-coded Klevio event log – viewed via the Klevio app or personalised dashboard – you can work out exactly which employees were in the building at the time it may have happened. 

A contractor needs access when the office is shut

If something goes wrong at the office out of hours, it’s the office manager who’s usually on the frontline to get it sorted. And if that involves a contractor accessing the premises, it’s you who’ll need to go there to let them in. Except, of course, if you have Klevio, in which case you can let them in directly from your phone, from wherever you are.

Do you know any offices that might be interested in Klevio? If so, you might be in a position to earn yourself £100 as part of our Office Referral Programme! If you’d like to refer an office to Klevio, drop us a line at

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