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10 Things you didn’t know about smart intercoms

For most people nowadays, holding your smartphone with Bluetooth-connected AirPods, listening to music from a live concert taking place halfway around the world, can now feel like second nature. Yet for all the technology we now take for granted in our lives, there are still plenty of new and emerging innovations that remain elusive – and sometimes even a little intimidating. For instance, are smart intercoms really the future of how we access and secure our homes and shared spaces?

There are a large number of smart intercoms now available, each with different features and functions, and at Klevio we’re proud to be part of a growing marketplace.

So whether you’re keen to beef up on your pub quiz knowledge, or are in the market for one yourself, read on to discover ten things you may not know about smart intercoms and that you can get with Klevio:

1. Keep your existing locks

Installing a smart intercom doesn’t mean you need new locks. Klevio integrates with your existing intercom system to unlock your communal door, meaning there’s no need to change your locks. If your door needs one, we’ll retrofit an electric strike onto your existing locks to enable Klevio on your private door. This also brings us to our next point…

2. No need to throw out your old keys

Transitioning to a smart intercom is far more seamless than many people think. For instance, even after you’ve had Klevio installed, your physical keys will still work for those rare times you might prefer to use them (for example if you find yourself phoneless for a few days). 

3. Sharing keys is easier than sharing a calendar invite

You can share a digital key with anyone, anywhere, any time, directly from the Klevio app on your smartphone. You can also revoke a shared key in an instant.

4. Never miss a delivery again

One of the major benefits of smart intercoms is letting delivery drivers in when you’re not home. So no more hanging around waiting for the groceries or an Amazon order to arrive – with Klevio, as soon as the delivery driver buzzes your door, it will ring through to your phone so you can answer it from anywhere (Klevio Call coming soon).

5. Unlock doors from anywhere

Whether you’re standing by your front door, at the office, on a train platform, or on a beach 10,000 miles away, all you need to use Klevio is an internet connection. You can even open a door with your phone while talking on the phone. Neat, huh?

6. You’ll always be connected, even if the Wi-Fi goes down

No need to panic if your home Wi-Fi drops. Some smart intercoms such as Klevio can run on Wi-Fi and 4G LTE, so you’ll be able to unlock your doors in any eventuality.

7. No changes to communal areas

Live in a flat? Not sure the building manager would go for a new, smart intercom? No worries. Having Klevio installed requires no changes to communal areas, so you’re under no legal obligations to tell the management of your building that you’re even getting it.

8. Safer than traditional intercoms

Every time you give someone a physical key, you’re trusting that they won’t lose it or even make a copy. And if someone did, and you’ve given out multiple keys, you’d have no way of knowing who was responsible. With a smart lock and digital keys, you can see an event log showing every time your doors unlock, and who unlocked them. You can also issue time-limited keys so you know the dog walker isn’t sneaking in at midnight to raid your fridge, and the housekeeper actually is coming between eleven and two.

9. No impact on neighbours

In a building with multiple flats, Klevio has no effect on your neighbour’s intercoms or doors. In fact, as the intercom lives inside your home, they won’t even know you have it. Of course, if you fancy sharing digital keys with them – so they can water the plants or pick up your post while you’re away – you can do that too..

10. You live a key-free life!

Have a friend in town for a week? Then the housekeeper’s due on Tuesday, and the cat-sitter arrives over the weekend? You don’t need to choreograph an elaborate key-swapping dance, or write up a treasure map for where you buried your spare keys. With digital key sharing, all the hassles of managing spare keys are removed. And with Klevio, you can even share time-limited keys, so you can control not just who has access, but when.

Have we missed out any benefits of smart intercoms? Perhaps you have a great anecdote about when yours saved the day. Send us your stories to


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