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Why Klevio trumps keys when it comes to reliability

One of the most common queries we receive is from people asking what happens if they can’t access the Klevio app because their phone has been lost, stolen or run out of battery. So we’ve decided to use this blog to elaborate on the options available if you encounter any of these issues – and why Klevio still comes out tops.

Having your phone stolen or dying on you at inopportune moments is an occupational hazard of carrying a smartphone. But for the many Klevio users who now leave their physical keys at home, their phone has taken on even greater importance.

The concerns that people have are usually two-fold: firstly, how do you get into your home without the only means available of unlocking your doors? And secondly, what’s to stop someone who’s found or stolen your phone gaining access to your home through the Klevio app?

Here’s our response:

Klevio is discreet enough to keep thieves off the scent

There’s no avoiding the fact that having your phone stolen can be extremely distressing. But you can have peace of mind in the knowledge that for anyone to actually find and then use your Klevio app, they’d not only need to know that it’s an app for unlocking doors, but also where you live. And remember, the Klevio device lives inside your home, so no-one outside will even know you have it.

Basic security measures can keep people out of your apps

The risk of people being able to gain access to your Klevio app on a lost or stolen phone can be removed by setting multiple layers of security to keep them out. As well as setting a basic passcode to prevent anyone accessing your homepage, you can also set up the Klevio app with a separate PIN or a biometric fingerprint on phones that have built-in scanning.

No risk of digital keys getting copied

With physical keys, anyone can walk into a hardware store and make a copy. So every time you give your key to a cleaner, dog walker, or anyone else, there’s a risk that they’ll get a copy cut, lumbering you with the expensive and time-consuming task of getting your locks changed, with digital keys, however, there’s no risk of keys being copied and they can’t be shared without you actioning it.

With digital keys you stay in control

If someone who’s cut or stolen your physical keys gains access to your home, there’ll be no record of who did it. In contrast, Klevio’s digital keys keep you in full control, as a shared key can’t be passed on without you doing so. You can also view all door unlocks via a time-coded event log, and if you see any suspicious activity, you can revoke a key instantly.

Reducing your load = fewer things that can go missing

There’s also a mathematical upside to carrying your means of access on your phone – it reduces the number of items that could potentially be lost or stolen, not to mention the number of things you have to remember when leaving home. What’s more, knowing that the keys to your home are stored on your phone is also likely to have the effect of ensuring you take more care of it when you’re out and about.

A drained battery is avoidable & resolvable.

We all know what it’s like seeing your phone battery drain away before your eyes. However, the reality is that it’s usually a lot easier to find a spare phone charger than it is lost or stolen keys. If you’re having regular issues with your battery, we’d suggest that you either replace it or take a charger with you to work. Or for times when you’re on the move, you could also invest in a portable wireless charger. As a last resort, you can also log into your Klevio app on someone’s else’s phone.

One aspect of short-lets that is rapidly evolving is the check-in process, with hosts increasingly making use of smart technology and creative thinking to enhance the arrival experience for guests.

So those are our thoughts on what to do if you encounter any of the common pitfalls of owning a smartphone that may temporarily mean you can’t use Klevio. We hope you’ve found them useful, and if you have any of your own tips or ideas surrounding these issues, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line at

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