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How to Make Your Commute Frictionless!

Tired of your commute? Make it Frictionless with Klevio!

Step One: Grab your phone, turn on morning notifications. Check how far out your bus/train/ride is, and time your departure accordingly.

Step Two: Headphones on! Press play on your epic commute soundtrack.

Step Three: Grab your stuff and head out the door. Don’t bother hesitating in that moment before the door actually closes to double-check that you have your keys- you won’t be needing them. Walk to your pickup location.

Step Four: Get an alert from your phone that the bus/train/driver is arriving just as you arrive.

Step Five: Once on your way, maybe switch up your entertainment to a productivity-focussed or inspirational podcast to get you into the best headspace for what you have going on today.

Step Six: Arrive at your destination. Press pause on that podcast and, with your phone already in hand, use Klevio to open your office door without the headache of searching for keys.

Step Seven: With all that time you saved not waiting, checking public transport schedules, and looking for keys, grab your morning drink of choice and take a moment to organize your space, go through your calendar,  and check in with yourself before taking on the day.


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