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Klevio’s Mixtape: Friday Unlocked

Even with all the conveniences of the modern commute, just getting from point A to point B can be the worst part of any given day. In fact, longer commutes are associated with poorer health and diminished productivity (according to CNN and Business Insider)! But, given that for some of us a long commute is unavoidable, why not reframe it as something to look forward to? Driving might be even a part of your holiday road trip to escape this summer heat. After all, with the right mindset (and the right soundtrack), anything is possible! 

So, to make your commute a little smoother and a whole lot groovier, here’s a Klevio-themed mixtape we made (you might even say it’s the key a smoother commute)! Now hopefully you won’t mind spending a few extra minutes on the underground platform, or waiting for the bus, and you can arrive at work, to your holiday accommodation or home again, that little bit happier.

Here’s the mixtape (Side A)!




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