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Meet Rok!

Rok, Firmware Developer & sport stats guru

We can’t go into too much detail about what Rok gets up to at Klevio. Because if we did, well, we’d have to kill you, as it’s not quite live yet (suffice to say, it involves the term ‘Bluetooth’). Luckily, there’s plenty else to tell you about Klevio’s official ‘person with the most pun-friendly name’. Such as, he’s currently doing a PhD in Computer Science, he’s obsessed with sports statistics, and he once ran a summer school for kids where he built a robot to help them learn how to programme. In a nutshell, he Roks our world.


Rok, which door would you unlock if you could open any door in the world?

To my own apartment that I would buy – so to my new future apartment that I’d own. 🙂

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