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Meet Matjaž!

Matjaž, Project manager: procurement & manufacturing, also known as Self-described samurai

Besides that, Matjaž is known in the office as the ‘calzone guy’ owing to his appreciation of the famous folded pizza. Given that he also has a degree in political science and is a walking encyclopaedia on all things Japan, we rather think he deserves a more fitting nickname. He mainly manages product design and manufacturing at Klevio, ensuring everything runs like clockwork.

He’s also responsible for Klevio’s 3D printer called Bob that he uses for everything from prototypes to some of the tools and some toys and decorations.

Outside the office, he loves reading and walking his dog – a Japanese breed, of course.


We asked him, which door would he choose, if he could open any door in the world. He says:

Besides some treasures, I’d say a library with a lot of knowledge, maybe some development laboratories, to see how stuff gets done.

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