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Meet Maša!

Maša, Head of Design and Klevio’s most avid dancer

Maša is Klevio’s design whizz, but her talents extend far beyond Adobe Illustrator. Most of her free time is spent working on her organic clothing brand, a sustainable fashion label that frankly puts the rest of us to shame. For light relief, she likes to throw some serious shapes in the house and techno clubs of Ljubljana, which she describes as her “meditation place”. Though we’ve never seen anyone reach inner contemplation like that before.

We asked her to imagine, what door would she open if she could open any door in the world. She said:

Maybe some kind of top-secret architectural building that is difficult to get into. But I
don’t know the door I’d want to open is a physical door. Maybe it’s something to
unlock metaphorically. I guess sometimes I’d really like to know what people think.


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